Friday, March 10, 2017


     For my next project, I'm undertaking an examination of the Indian wars in North America from first contact through 1900 (excluding the Aztecs). I'm starting with the French and Indian War and the American Revolution eras, including especially the savage conflict in the Ohio River country. Kan-tuck-ee as Hawk-Eye in The Last of the Mohicans called it. You know, "face north and real sudden-like turn left." So at least we know how to get there.
     So I bought several packs of 15mm Frontiersmen and Woodland Indians from Blue Moon. I also picked up some deciduous tree armatures from Woodland Scenics and a Cigar Box Battle Mat.
     By way of initial review, let me tell you, the battle mat is outstanding. The company's website says to allow something like 6-8 weeks for delivery, so I wasn't expecting a quick turn-around, to say the least. Mine showed up in about 2 days! Now that's service! Seriously, the best companies I've dealt with in this hobby are Cigar Box and Wargamer's Terrain (where I got my river). I'll set up links to these places soon and give them a permanent spot on the blog.
     For rules, I'll be using "Our Moccasins Trickled Blood" for battles through 1800, and my own "Scalp Dance" for mounted warfare. I might give "Too Few to Fight, Too Many to Die" another shot at unmounted warfare (for which it is probably better suited than the wars on the Plains). I'll talk about "Moccasins"  in a future blog. (That's two C's, one S. Whenever I go to type the damn word, C's and S's begin raining from my keyboard, for some reason.) I might just concoct my own for all of them, though.

     So here's the plan. All minis are to be 18/15mm Blue Moon (figures in italics are those I do not already have in my possession).
Florida 1500s (TOO FEW TO FIGHT...)
French & Indians vs Spanish
Minis: Arquebusiers + Eastern Indians
Canada 1600s (TOO FEW TO FIGHT...)
French vs Iroquois
Minis: Arquebusiers + Eastern Indians

FIW, Ohio 1750-1800 (TOO FEW TO FIGHT...)
Frontiersmen vs Indians
Minis: Frontiersmen + Eastern Indians
Mad Anthony Wayne vs Indians
Minis: Mad Anthony Wayne + Eastern Indians
Creek War + Tippecanoe etc (OUR MOCCASINS TRICKLED BLOOD)
Andrew Jackson vs Indians
Minis: 1812 + Eastern Indians
Black Hawk War 1832 (TOO FEW TO FIGHT...)
US Militia/Army vs Indians
Minis: 1812 militia + Eastern Indians

1833-1890 (SCALP DANCE)
Soiux + Nez Perce 1870s
US Cavalry vs Plains Indians
Minis: US Cav + Plains Indians
Western Settlers 1870s+
Settlers + US Cavalry vs Plains Indians
Minis: US Cav, Frontiersmen, Plains Indians

Battle Mat from Cigar Box. Trees from Woodland Scenics. River from Wargamer's Terrain. Field and fences scratch-built.
Close-up of the field.
Styrofoam hill under the battle mat makes a fine-looking hill.
The view from said hill.
I plan on using the guy on the right as a leader of the frontiersman -- Daniel Boone, Simon Kenton, George Rogers Clark or any of a myriad of other incredible American heroes. The guy on the left is a British regular. Hiss!
Some figures I plan on using for French and Spanish arquebusiers. These guys tangled in Florida in the 1500s, with the Indians taking the side of the French Huguenots. Who wouldn't? The Spanish of that era seem like pretty unlikable fellows, to be sure.Wonderful figures from Essex, via Noble Knight, a retailer out of Janesville, Wisconsin. Excellent service from these guys, too!

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