Friday, March 10, 2017


     Playing a game of my semi-home-brew Sioux Wars game, Scalp Dance. It's an amalgam of Chris Peers' "Too Few to Fight, Too Many to Die" (which by itself has much to recommend it -- though not necessarily for Plains warfare) and rules of my own concoction.
     I'll let the pictures do the talking.

The game starts with Lt Col Royall's 3rd Cav defending some high ground. Unfortunately, Co I has become isolated after  pursuing some retreating Sioux. One platoon is all by itself (on the right), while two more occupy a little rise on the left.
These Sioux occupy a hill. They plan to dismount to pour some fire on the lone platoon of I Co below. Another group of Injuns go looking for some I Co scalps.
Making for the flank.

The Sioux get cocky. Not only one, but two, bases attempt to count coup. Both are driven back. I Cos chestnuts pulled from the fire.
The lone platoon of I Co high-tails it to the safety of his comrades on "Royall's Ridge." On the 3rd Cav's right, the rest of I Co tries to fend off two groups of mounted warriors, to no avail.
D, E, and L Cos, commanded by Lt Col Royall hold the high ground in the center. The command has become isolated from the rest of the army. Their horses are on the other side of Kollmer Creek (Seen here in the distance). The unit will attempt a fighting withdrawal to reach their comrades. Reinforcements are possible, but not likely.
Crazy Horse's minions approach! Steady, boys...Steady....
The Sioux isolate the remnants of I Co. One platoon has been pinned by "Skirmish Fire" as depicted by the fallen soldier on the round base.
Dismounted Indians on a hill pour fire into I Co.
The Sioux assault I Co. from the front but are driven back by withering fire from the cavalrymen's breech-loading carbines.
But now the 20 men of  I Co are hit from behind. Massacre!
FIRE! The Indians turn and flee.
Fleeing Sioux throwing up some clouds of dust.
With the TV playing on the horizon, a group of Indians attempting to flank Royall come under devastating fire.

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