Thursday, April 6, 2017


     This time, I've set up a random mini's battle using my 6mm French and English WSS armies. The map is a rough replica of the Fontenoy battlefield from the 1745 battle, only this battle is set about 40 years earlier.
     The fortified village in the center is Fontenoy, occupied by two French battalions. To either side of it are French redoubts, occupied by artillery and light troops. Behind them are French infantry and cavalry, including the elite Maison du Roi. One flank is anchored on a wood.
     Overall, looks like a tough nut for the Brits to crack.
     Admittedly, I've spread the British out a little thin. I wanted to use all my table space for the battle, though. But, now that I think of it, I sure wouldn't mind another line of infantry. Maybe another brigade of cavalry. Or two....

The thin red line advances on the French position.
The right flank. The column on the right decides to take the
path of most resistance -- through the woods.
From the French perspective.
The French looking towards Fontenoy.
British column heading into the woods.
At least the artillery can't target them there.
The British right approaches the village.
This promises to be bloody early.
A veteran French infantry brigade advances to
fill the gap between village and redoubt.
The going is slow -- one base depth per turn.
The British left. I get the feeling the British
commander might not have a solid plan here.
More of the British left. Namely, the right of the left.
Back to the British right. A division of cavalry
advances to back up the infantry.
The two sides come to blows. The French hold
their fire, inviting the British to....
The French recoil.

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