Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Preparing for Combat Tests

     Laid out a one-table version of the Powder River battles to test some new combat rules. Got some good insight into the terrain of the battlefield in this book (a recent Kindle dowload):

     So this layout is based on the info in this book. I'll spell it out a little more completely in another post.
     Anyway, the actual battle occurred in sub-zero temperatures, but the summer terrain I have on hand will have to do. For now...

     The 47 men of "Egan's Greys" (K Co / 2nd Cav) spot the Cheyenne village among a thick growth of cottonwoods.

     Captain Egan takes a look through the binoculars.

     Uh-oh! Some of He-Dog's boys have been alerted. And there's ol' He-Dog himself.

     The ground occupied by the village is strewn with piles of firewood, fallen trees, stumps and debris of all sorts. It's like a 19th century trailer park in there. You can see that the Indians have only primed a few of their tepees. If they had wheels, they'd be up on blocks.

     View from the other side of the river.

     And here's the "Gallant 47" now. I'll have to admit the unit frontages of mounted troops are slightly off. But I have lots of troopers and warriors of both sides already on 30mm bases. If I had it to do over again, I'd probably go with 25. Anyway, when Egan's boys get to within 200 yards, it'll be go-time. Revolvers at the ready....CHARGE!!

Tuesday, August 8, 2017


     I just wanted to let you guys know one of the things I've been working on.

     Yes, I'm putting together the official ruleset of my Indian Wars battle game, Scalp Dance. The idea is to create a serious but fun set of rules for playing historic engagements on the Western Frontier with a very low entry cost. The main rules will come with a full historic battle, The Battle of Powder River, 1876. Some terrain, a few tepees and a handful of minis is all you'll need to get started. Later, I'll create other historical battle scenarios, allowing you to increase your Indian Wars collection a little at a time. Normally, there is such a long ramp-up time between starting a project and finally getting your armies onto the table that you're just as likely to lose interest in the period as you are to ever start enjoying it.
     That's the idea, anyway.
     Here's a couple of sample pages:

     I'm doing this for fun, so I only work on this when the spirit moves me. I'll be doing the same thing for WSS battles and 7YW as well. So stay tuned!
     In the meantime...HOKA HEY! (Hoka Hey: to live life in such a way that one has done all that one should upon one's last day. Therefore: "Hoka Hey! It is a good day to die!")